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To better serve you and to make your shopping experience with us a positive one, we have some questions that often arise.


Question: Is this service and your products only for HAM Radio Operators?

Answer: Certainly NOT. While we specialize in products that Ham Operators might have an interest, our specialty merchandise is foreign postage stamps. We have sold many stamps to persons sending special event invitations to international guests, requesting that they respond using an enclosed self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE). We have both special air mail envelopes and stamps for most international countries.


Question: How do I know how many stamps to order for the country in question?

Answer: The price you pay (listed by country in our price list) will provide you with sufficient postage for a letter of up to 3.5 oz to be returned to you from that country.


Question: How much postage do I use to send mail to a foreign country from the United States?

Answer: That depends upon the country and the weight of the letter. For details, go to the USPS web site.


Question: How do I pay for my stamps or merchandise?

Answer: Easy, to learn more go to our information page.


Question: For QSL cards, how good is this method of obtaining a return?

Answer: Excellent see our home page actual user comments. In reality, it does depend upon the Ham Operator on the other end, but this method of returns makes it user-friendly. All the receiver has to do is to fill out his QSL card for your contact information and drop it in the mail of course, using your SASE.


Question: Still have a question?

Answer: Just send us an email and we will respond directly.





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